Why should I hire you?

I encourage you to do your research and find an organizer that clicks with you, your philosophy and your values. Ask for quotes from others, and you'll find that Professional Organizers in LA charge between $100- $300 an hour and most charge a consultation fee. I charge a fair fee for my time and experience based how long I have been in the field. My favorite customers are average Los Angelenos looking to improve their lives.

What's this going to cost?

I charge $50 an hour and can provide you a free, personalized, detailed quote upon request.

Will you do everything for me?

Ideally you'll be part of the process but I will do all of the heavy lifting. If you are invested in the process, you'll know where things are, can let me know what to keep and what to donate and will be more likely to keep up the systems I put in place.

However, if you feel overwhelmed just let me know and I will work with you to make a plan that suits your needs and preferences.

How long is this going to take?

Each job is unique and depends on your goals. A closet clean out can take anywhere from 2-10 hours whereas a full garage clean out often takes a team of two a few days to complete.

What kinds of materials do you recommend purchasing?

During your consultation, I will take lots of pictures and notes to help me understand how your items fit into your lifestyle.

I will consider your budget, aesthetic preferences and lifestyle when recommending storage systems like bins or baskets.